Post-1945 American Gay Literature and Film

E 370W 234241

RTF 222212

Instructor: Allyson Burton

Instructor Email:

Class Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays 5pm-6:30pm

Office Hours: Tuesdays 4pm, Wednesdays 3pm-4pm

Course Objective: This course will introduce you post-1945 gay literature and film by looking at important texts and films as well as historical and cultural trends.

Required Texts

Allen Ginsberg and Eric Drooker, Howl: A Graphic Novel (2010)

John Rechy, City of Night (1963)

Andrew Hollerman, Dancer from the Dance (1978)

Harvey Fierstein, Torch Song Trilogy (1983)

Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Required Films

Howl- 2010

Midnight Cowboy- 1969

Gay USA- 1978

Torch Song Trilogy- 1988

Brokeback Mountain- 2005

Note: You are responsible for obtaining and watching the films before the designated class day.

Requirements and Grading

10% Participation

20% Oral Presentation

20% Paper 1 (1-2 pages)

20% Paper 2 (3-4 pages)

30% Final Paper (5-6 pages)

Absentee and Late Policy: Attendance is an essential part of this course. If you have more than three unexcused absences, your grade will be deducted 1 letter-grade. Arriving more than 5 minutes late will count as half an unexcused absence.

Participation: A large portion of this class is discussion based. Therefore, participation is essential. You are expected to come prepared each day and contribute to discussion.

Presentation: You will put together a fifteen-minute presentation on a topic concerning post-1945 American gay literature and/or film. Exact criteria for this assignment will be posted after the first week of class.

Academic Honesty: Please see university policies.

Accommodations: Please see university policies.


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