M What is Gay literature?

W Introduction to Post-1945 Gay Literature (on website)

Week 2:

M “The Beats” & “Howl” pg. 1-15

W “Howl” pg. 15-139

Week 3:

M “Howl” Rockland, pg. 139-163

W Film adaptation of “Howl”

Week 4:

M John Rechy, City of Night through Part 2

City of Night through Part 3

Week 5:

City of Night through Part 4

W “Midnight Cowboy”

Week 6:

M Presentation Day 1  Paper 1 Due

W Andrew Holleran, Dancer from the Dance pg 1-79

Week 7:

M Dancer from the Dance – pg 80-159

W Dancer from the Dance– pg 160-213

Week 8:


W Presentation Day 2

Week 9:

M Torch Song Trilogy, read International Stud

W Torch Song Trilogy, read Fugue in a Nursery

Week 10:

M Torch Song Trilogy, read Widows and Children First!

W Torch Song Trilogy movie

Week 11:

M Presentation Day 3         Paper 2 Due

W “Brokeback Mountain” read all

Week 12:

M “Brokeback Mountain” interview with Annie Proulx (on website)

W “Brokeback Mountain”

Week 13:

M Brokeback Mountain movie, Analysis of Brokeback Mountain (on website)

W Presentation Day 4

Week 14:

M Current topics

W Final Paper Due


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